Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own Volume Two: Marketing, Movies and Music


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Volume Two details the broader aspects of mind manipulation and social control.

How can advertisers shape belief without our knowledge? How can your senses be manipulated in order to affect you physically? Can you be coerced to conform to a larger group? Are the film and music industries used to shape public opinion? Can the News Media be trusted?

Volume Two delves into these questions and evidences the government agencies responsible for this manipulation, detailing the connections between the Tavistock Institute, MK ULTRA, L.S.D, the music industry and the intentional directing of youth culture.

Mind control is not limited to the manipulation of the individual. Following on from Volume 1, Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own Volume 2 exposes the techniques of mass mind control.

Advertising techniques that appeal to hidden psychological processes, the engineering of consent and normalcy, the exploitation of instinctual drives, the media, Hollywood, celebrities and the music industry are all laid bare.

This book examines the manipulation of psychological processes practised by authority figures, to control and direct the behaviour of the masses without their knowledge or consent.


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