The Shadows by Robert Salisbury


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In his second  conspiracy thriller Robert Salisbury offers us a glimpse into the world of Phillip Banks, a private banker with one of London’s oldest institutions. Tasked with the acquisition of a Swiss pharmaceutical firm, Phillip Banks travels from the Arctic North to Saudi Arabia, conniving to persuade owner Mlo Zwyssig to sell his family firm. Along the way he is invited deeper into the secret society of the Varangian Guard, and must contend with orders to marry, which are brought into sharp relief when he meets with his best friend’s fiance, the raven haired beauty Zara. In this ‘Ian Fleming’ meets ‘House of Cards’ story of power Salisbury questions the right to anonymity for those who rule the world, those they call “The Shadows”.
‘Our aim is the creation of a highly talented but helplessly dependent population.’ [Varangian Protocol]


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