SPIRULINA TABLETS, Organic – 200 Tablets


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✓ naturally high in Protein
✓ incredibly clean product
✓ no -irradiated
✓ non – GMO
✓ 100% Pure Organic Spirulina
✓ no binders

KIKI Health’s Organic Spirulina contains over 65% plant- based protein for healthy muscle and bones.

KIKI’s Organic Spirulina is a strain grown in the remote countryside in controlled conditions away from all industrial, agricultural and human development, preventing any impurities from environmental pollutants.

It is carefully nurtured and monitored on a daily basis to prevent contamination, and cultivated using pure vegetarian sources of nitrogen and phosphorous nutrients.

Our Spirulina is an incredibly clean product and meets the world’s most meticulous organic and quality standards.


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