How We Were Made By William Neil


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666, that very famous and most enigmatic of numbers has puzzled everyone ever since it first appeared. The solution to its true meaning lay in the words which came with it ‘let him who has understanding reckon the number’. “Reckon” is another way of saying ‘calculate’, but even that didn’t help much. Neil however has discovered that the ‘calculate’ means this – 6 X 6 X 6, for this 666 number is the key to unlocking the true cypher which encodes further data. The number produced is 216 and it is this three number string which has been used to construct our world and much that’s in it, including man. He has also found that the number is frequently scaled, up or down, to provide other constants such as 21.60 (the pre ice-age tilt of Earth) and 2,160 miles (the diameter of the moon) and many more. It may be multiplied and divided by the cardinal numbers which give up more constants. This is not a maths book but a very readable explanation of how we were made through the application of a design specification.


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