David Icke – The Worldwide Wake Up Tour – Live



Starting in June 2016 in Newport, Isle of Wight, David Icke went on a World Tour that saw his visit Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Sweden, Serbia, Holland, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Iceland, Croatia, Ireland, Czech Republic and Italy. This was David’s last Tour with his incredible All-Day 12 Hour Lecture. No one else in the World has put together the puzzle pieces like David Icke. 12 Hours of Life-Changing information that will mean your life will never be the same again.

On Saturday 25th November in Maastricht, Holland, David delivered his final Full Day Event. To a Sold Out Audience as is normally the case now he put his life’s work to them, and that magical day was captured on Film and is the only full recording of any of the 20+ Events on the Worldwide Wake Up Tour, this truly is a magical 12 hours that will change your life forever.

No more little me…You’re all that has been, can be and ever will be…

Please go through to Vimeo to Watch this incredible Show.


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