David Icke – Everything You Need to Know Tour Live

The Final Show of David’s ‘Everything You Need to Know’ Tour which saw the stages in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Poland, Holland, Mexico and sadly not Australia…

This event is 5 Hours of Information that will change the way to you see the World forever…Context which is something missing from Mainstream Society is shown here like never before, events, people, documents, subject areas that all seem apart from each other suddenly look very different when put into their true context and what connects them.

The Human Race is going down a very dark road at the moment in many areas, the dependency of Technology, the identity politics, 5G, the growing sense of conflict between countries and more. David Icke is someone who for 30 years has exposed what the real agenda behind World events are and that things don’t happen randomly or by chance.

Here is a culmination of 30 years of knowledge and research in one 5 hour show like never before.


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