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This amazing Bundle of these two groundbreaking Books both years ahead of there time. Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Centre Disaster released 1 year to the month after the tragic events of 911 that claimed the lives on hundreds in New York City and Millions in the Middle East in the Wars, Invasions and Occupations that have been justified as a result of 911. This Books takes apart the official version of the Events of that day, not that its hard, as David says “the official story insults the intelligence of a 10 year old”. Closing in on 2 decades on and those behind the deaths of millions are still at large and so much information is still to reach the public arena, when it does, the World will change…This book is the perfect place to start.

Tales from the Time Loop is another Book that’s been proven to be way ahead of its time, 2016’s Chilcot inquiry in Britain showed that the regimes of Tony Blair and George Bush lied and manipulated information in order to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, David Icke talks about this in 2002 before we even went to War, he exposed the lies and manipulation behind the “Saddam has weapons of mass destruction” sales line. How could he do that? Know the planned outcome and predicting the agenda of World Events is easy. David also speaks about the Project for the New American Century document which puts the nature of World Events and American Foreign policy since 2001 in stunning context. 

These two Books together will blow your mind.


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