The ONS Are Blaming Less Than 4% Of Recent Excess Deaths On ‘Covid’. So What Did The Other 96% Die Of?

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written by: Jacqui Deevoy

Jacqui Deevoy is a freelance journalist, producer and presenter. She’s worked for national newspapers and magazines for over three decades but, these days, focuses mainly on stories that the mainstream media refuse to publish. Catch her chat show every Friday at 7pm on Unity News Network.

In recent weeks, twitty (not pretty) Chris Whitty has laughably blamed excess deaths on people not getting their statins. Other politicians - and even some medics - have blamed these unnecessary demises on delayed treatment, ‘long Covid’ and missed appointments. Of course some of these may play a small part (apart from long Covid of course, because that doesn’t exist), but could there be another reason? Oh yes. 

The reason, known for over 18 months by those who cared to investigate, was only brought to light when the boy in the crowd stood up and pointed at the nudey emperor. Yes, MP Andrew Bridgen stood up in the House of Commons and dared to utter the bleedin’ obvious. He pointed not only to the bare naked truth but metaphorically propped open the eyes of other MPs with matchsticks and screamed “LOOK!” Because of a certain MP’s ridiculous reaction (and we’re talking about YOU, Matt Hancock!), the whole world was able to hear what Bridgen had to say. He was echoing the opinion of millions of people worldwide - that the Covid jabs (erroneously labelled ‘vaccines’) were causing the sudden and untimely deaths of thousands. 

But the ONS (Office of National Statistics) aren’t going along with this at all. Oh no. They can’t. They mustn’t. They, along with the mainstream media, are determined to make the public believe that it’s not the experimental toxic clot-shots causing the excess deaths. In fact, according to many reports (more often than not supplied by pharmaceutical company-sponsored fact-checkers), the jabs have caused the deaths of a mere few dozen people. How they can deny this after the government published weekly figures on Covid jab death and injuries for many months after the jab roll-out (they seemed to stop counting when the deaths hit 2000 and injuries totalled over a million) is anybody’s guess. 

Figures released this week from the ‘trusty’ old ONS reveal that there’s been a 19.5% increase (over the five-year average) in deaths from all causes in Week 2 of January 2023. In total, there were 17,381 registered in England and Wales in the week ending 13th January 2023. That’s 2,837 excess deaths in a single week! And, as previously-healthy folk continue to drop - this week so far, there have been stories of people keeling over and dying suddenly, unexpectedly and shockingly in high streets, woods and car parks as well as in their own homes, it looks as if it’s only going to get worse. 

Looking more closely at this week’s ONS revelations, we see that from March 2020 to January 2023, there have been a total of 173,287 excess deaths, many occurring in hospitals and care homes. Bearing in mind, most NHS facilities became money-making killing machines not just during the faux pandemic but even now in 2023, euthanising not only the elderly but pretty much anyone over 50 that had the misfortune of being hospitalised and slapped with a Do Not Resuscitate order, that’s hardly surprising. 

The highest percentage of excess deaths during this short period occurred in people’s own homes. Why? There were many guesses made as to why people were dying at home in 2020 and 2021: those guesses included lockdowns, when the vast majority of the public believed they weren’t allowed out; cancelled hospital appointments, when many were denied treatment; hard-to-get GP appointments and, of course, sudden deaths from the ‘killer virus’. But that was then and this is now…

The ONS can’t so much blame lockdowns on these deaths these days but is still harping on about the virus. It reports this week that Covid-19 is ‘mentioned’ in 5.3% of all excess deaths in the second week of January 2023, with 70.9% of that 5.3% having Covid as the ‘underlying’ cause of death. Do the maths and that means out of a total of 17,381 deaths in one week, ‘Covid’ is reckoned to be the underlying cause (whatever that means) for 654 of them. So the total percentage of excess deaths due to Covid in the second week of January 2023 is 3.76. 

So - obvious question - if almost 4% of deaths were Covid-related, what did the other 96% die of in the week ending January 13th 2023? The indirect extremely long-term effects of lockdowns maybe? A lack of statins (give me a break!)? The fact that some poor fools are too scared to go out, believing we’re still in the midst of a pandemic and refusing to leave their houses for almost three years because of that? People dying at home from conditions, ailments and accidents that could easily be dealt with in hospital but they don’t want to overload the wonderful NHS? The cancellation of vital treatments? These could all indeed be mildly contributing towards these unacceptable numbers. But surely these causes would more likely have been considered causes at the start, or even the middle, of the last 34 months and not now, almost three years on, when the worst of ‘it’ is allegedly over. What most people want to know is what’s causing these excess deaths NOW, in the second week of January 2023.

We’re talking about one week here. One single week. Seven days, during which almost three thousand more deaths than usual have been recorded. And not one mention of the jabs. Not one mention. Not by the ONS anyway. Even though we know for a fact that people are being maimed and killed by them on a daily basis (if you haven’t watched Mark Sharman’s film ‘Safe & Effective: A Second Opinion’, please do) and that millions have been seriously affected since the first two masked-but-apparently-smiling volunteers (one of them dead now - RIP, William Shakespeare) were ceremoniously jabbed in full view of the fawning media and a mostly jubilant public. Even though there are currently protests the world over - the most recent one being in London on Saturday 21st January - events on which the mainstream media refuse to report, the majority are still failing to see the truth: these so-called vaccines are causing death and destruction beyond compare. The fact that the deaths and injuries are being blatantly ignored by the government and the media is unforgivable and enough to make some - those in constant pain and continual suffering after being blackmailed, bullied or coerced into taking these potentially lethal injections - want to end their lives. 

Yes, suicide. Not accounted for in these flaky figures either. But that’s for another article. Watch this space. And keep your eye on the ONS.


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