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30th December 2022


written by: Ickonic Team

Dr. Mike Yeadon served as the Chief Scientist and Vice President of Pfizer's allergy and respiratory research unit where he oversaw the development of treatments for respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD. 

During the COVID madness, Dr. Yeadon was a voice of reason and a beacon for many of us who knew instinctively that something was wrong. 

His knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and vaccines provided crucial information for many people who wanted to research the COVID jab and not just blindly roll up their sleeves.

He appeared on Right Now earlier this year and delivered one of the most revelatory interviews we’ve ever known.

In the following excerpt, Mike tells us, definitively, about the studies that demonstrate vaccine ineffectiveness and how the authorities have known this for some time.

Dr Mike Says…  

When I came into this three years ago I was a pro vaccine person.

The embarrassment is, I was a person who accepted what I was told. I worked in small molecules and biologics, I didn't work in vaccines, but I was a good immunologist. And I did work in rational drug design that is you build something in order to perform a task, and that's what these alleged vaccines are, and in fact, they're more similar to the work I've done for 30 years than they are to traditional vaccines. So if someone says, ‘Well he isn’t a vaccinologist so he can’t comment’, I would say the vaccinologists can't comment either, because these are nothing to do with the work they've understood in the past. 

But here's the trick. And again, I came across this about a year and a half ago. And I think I forced it out of my mind because it's too frightening. I came across a Cochrane Foundation review on 10 years retrospective analysis of influenza vaccines in England and Wales.

You would expect that if these things are any good, they should have reduced the rate of hospitalisation for flu and the rate of deaths from flu, at least in the elderly people who got them. Unfortunately, the Cochrane Foundation review - which is what's called a meta analysis, bringing together all of the properly done placebo controlled trials, if there are any, or case control trials if not - found that the bottom line was, they don't make any difference. Any difference at all.

I felt quite unmoored for a few days - because I kept thinking, ‘Hold on a minute. So these things don't actually they don't save lives, they don't prevent severe illness and yet drug companies are making them, the regulators have approved them, the NHS and the government have agreed to buy them, then all the GP surgeries have agreed to inject 20 or 30 million people every year, and they know it doesn't work’. 

I thought, ‘Oh, my God’. 

Even staying with the official narrative - although I think it's a lie - but let's stick with the narrative that there’s a virus going around, particularly attacking the vulnerable, who are old and already ill. That's what we were told. The older you are and the iller you are, the more you're likely to die if you get it. 

I asked myself, ‘Why? Why does that happen? Why isn’t a fit 35-year-old just as likely to perish?’ 

We, immunologists, think the answer is that the immune system in the elderly becomes tired and slow. They don't respond as well to new pathological threats, which is true. But you know what? Why would you expect their immune systems to respond well to an injected vaccine?

Because it's the same thing really, and they don't. 

I’ve just explained how the Cochrane Foundation review shows that the flu vaccines don't work. 

Of course, even if the narrative was true, this is my killer point, the people who set about designing and bringing you a vaccine knew that they couldn't possibly be a solution to the problem they had just painted.

  • WATCH the conversation with Dr Mike, plus many others including chart-topping duo Right Said Fred, actor Lawrence Fox and ex-UB40 vocalist Matt Hoy, in the end-of-year special episode of RIGHT NOW at 7pm on 30.12.22 exclusively on Ickonic.

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