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Richard Grannon - Stand Up for Yourself

2/27/2021 6:00:00 PM

Life Coach and Psychologist Richard Grannon will be presenting the 1st Ickonic Live of 2021, and it's a vital must watch for everyone. Richard specializes in supporting sufferers of Narcissistic abuse in relationships and life. The entire planet is undergoing a large scale version of narcissistic abuse at the hands of governments and those who are supposed to be protecting and working for them. The event will be around 3 hours and will going through the 5 main topics below - 1. How narcissus abuse plays out in a relationship between 2 people  2. How to resolve the abuse and move on? 3. How this same abuse can play out with a government and its people with a particular focus on Gas lighting/ Propaganda 4. Cultural Marxism as a tool of breaking collective will and dignity “we aren’t worth fighting for” 5. The pathway out - from surfing to thriving Purchasing the event will also include 14 days’ access to the full Ickonic channel for the 14 days after the event, including re-watching the event as many times as you like. ...


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